Tru West

Tru West was formed the evening of October the 24th 2012. Niccolo` Rufo (aka Rufus), clarinet player Raffaele Amenta and Marmo founder Matteo Tagliavini drove down to Berlin-Tempelhof to join Martin Hopkins (aka Mass Prod) and Herve Corti at the Mass Hypnosis Research Club studio.
They started with some vinyl-ripped samples, they had no clue of what would have come out of that session, but pretty fast the magic was there.
Raffaele quickly went into the part, showing an impressive improvising repertoire of clarinet scales. His sounds got filtered and manipulated by Martin`s machines, while Rufus worked on sampler and Herve created overwhelming, bubbling and roaring noises from a classic Korg synthesizer.
That night they jammed, they got a flow, they played the decline of western civilization…

Tru West is an experimental music project, whose core members Rufo, Hopkins and Corti are open to include any music head willing to speak out his/her loudest noises and visions.
Sounds from different ages and places get processed and dubbed through different kinds of techniques, shifting the space of sound, passing through music from tapes, field recordings, overdubs in the studio and the open mic of the studio space itself.
Tru West is a project by Martin Hopkins – mpc, tapes, dubs, fx / Niccolo` Daniel Rufo – vocals, sp 303 / Raffaele Amenta – clarinet /Herve`Atse Corti – modular synthetizers / Matteo Tagliavini – Medium.