lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

The Decline of Western Civilization part 2

In uscita a febbraio 2014 il  secondo vinile del progetto TRU WEST.
Informazioni dettagliate a questa pagina:

 Recensione per Blow Up di dicembre

                                                                                             Cover by Nikolaos Symeonidis

domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Venezia, 19 dicembre, Istantanee in Corrosioni

Foto tratte dalle Corrosioni per clarinetto solo. L'occasione è l'esposizione In verità, io mi sdoppio nel pensiero, tenutasi a Venezia nei giorni diciannove e venti dicembre scorsi.

giovedì 8 agosto 2013

Tru West - The Decline of Western Civilization. New release from Marmo

Tru West is an experimental project made of analog electronics and acoustic elements. Tru West recalls the elegance and decadence of some western musical traditions, as much as marking the path to the unknown. 

In The DOWC part 1, the opening release of Marmo Music, a punk and raw attitude stands out since the very first minute of listening. It feels like in that gloomy evening of October 2012 an improvised stream of sounds and manipulations came together spontaneously, resulting into some thick sonic matter, vibrating with the magnitude of the earth, nostalgically carrying folk memories of a beloved past, here embodied by the clarinet of Raffaele Amenta.

 The DOWC takes counts in total about 30 minutes of music and it`s gonna be released in two parts. Part 1 features on the flip side DJ Sotofett’s Dype Skoger Mix, a monumental journey into wild and exotic sceneries, transforming the ruins of the old continent into an afro-persian mantra, featuring the hypnotic bongos and live drums of Cosmic Neman from Zombie Zombie (recorded by DJ Gilb`r at the parisian Versatile Studios) and the vocoder vocals of Paleologos.

 This is the point of view on Tru West by Martin Hopkins, core member of the project, and already known in the world of electronic music under the moniker of Mass Prod (Werkdiscs, Bosconi, MUS, Wo_land) :

 “ Tru West is an open musical project, a platform where music heads can freely speak their loudest noises and visions. Every Tru Wester should bring into the project music of any kind of form. To celebrate the fall of our beloved western civilization we used tape recorders, samplers, records, modular synths, a clarinet and an open mic. Sounds from different ages and places get processed and dubbed through any kind of technology or sound technique, shifting the space of sound, passing through music from tapes, field recordings, overdubs in the studio and the open mic of the studio room itself. Using the limits of analog technology we try to create something new, engaging chain reactions through clips, mics and sidechains ,sculpturing a fat mass of sounds that slowly finds its way out from the boiling magma of creation. “ 

Tru West is a project by Martin Hopkins – tapes, dubs / Niccolo` Daniel Rufo – vocals, sp 303 / Raffaele Amenta – clarinet / Herve` Hatse Corti – modular synthetizers / Matteo Tagliavini – Medium


lunedì 29 aprile 2013

Bei Mir Bist Du Shein / Los Bilbilicos

Due estratti video da un recente concerto tedesco con Ojfn Wejg, gruppo di artisti ebrei di diverse nazionalità con cui collaboro dal periodo del mio ultimo inverno trascorso a Berlino. La musica di Ojfn Wejg contribuisce a preservare e arricchire il patrimonio della tradizione musicale ebraica, perenne messaggio di libertà spirituale.